New Album ‘Hidden Music’, by Dan Ecclestone

Dan Ecclestone’s solo album, Hidden Music, is out now. Recorded by Sam Inglis, mixed by Minutes to Midnight, mastered by Ian Shepherd.

I’m happy to announce the release of Dan’s debut solo album, Hidden Music. It’s a 6-songs piano-driven delicate and powerful album.

It’s another brilliant collaboration, after mixing and co-producing Ember Rev‘s two latest albums.

Watch this brief presentation from Dan:

I realised these six songs worked together both lyrically and musically after three albums with Ember Rev but these songs were conceived at and for the piano and wouldn’t work if reconfigured for different instruments. Also, I had little desire to perform live such intensely personal downtempo ruminations on family, fatherhood, status anxiety and the memory of ambition. So it became this: a solo album of music for headphones, music for contemplation, music that is, and has been for many years, hidden.

Dan Ecclestone

Hidden Music Credits

Trumpet: Jake Hatter
Violin: Julia Black
Viola: Katharine Parsons
Cello: Abby Wollston
Piano & Vocal: Dan Ecclestone
Double Bass: Richard Partridge
Drums: David Youngs

Words and Music Dan Ecclestone
Recorded by Sam Inglis
Mixed by Simone Silvestroni @ Minutes to Midnight
Mastered by Ian shepherd @ Mastering Media
Cover Photo by Gary Bendig @ Unsplash

Released January 8, 2021

Video: ‘Approaching Silence’

Stream: Spotify

Buy: Bandcamp

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