‘Love Field’ Official Video

Cheering crowds greet the President at Dallas airport. As the motorcade cuts through the city, I stand still while everything changes.

Love Field is a single from the concept album After 1989: A Trip To Freedom, released 9 November 2019.

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Love Field

Warm weather and cheering crowds greet the President when he lands at Dallas airport. As the motorcade cuts through the city, I fantasise about waving at Jack and Jackie, or leaning over the window of a sixth floor, or being Abraham Zapruder, standing still while everything changes.

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Written and produced by Simone Silvestroni of Minutes to Midnight
Management by Christopher Carvalho / Unlock Your Sound Ltd
Video by Silvia Maggi
Mastered by Ian Shepherd

Performed By

Dan Ecclestone / vocals
Paolo Clementi / guitars, viola
Simone Silvestroni / bass, piano, synth, strings, drums, sound effects

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