New Production: ‘Hang Loose’ by Callum Gardner

London-based singer-songwriter Callum Gardner’s new single, ‘Hang Loose’, is out now. Produced by Minutes to Midnight.

I’m very happy to announce Callum Gardner’s new single, Hang Loose, is out now


Written by Callum Gardner
Produced by Minutes to Midnight
Artwork by SR Creative

Performed By

Callum Gardner: lead & backing vocals, acoustic guitar
Hugh Wheatley: electric guitar, backing vocals
Simone Silvestroni: bass
Arlen Millwall: drums, backing vocals

Released 19 April 2019

This song is all about missed opportunities and blessings in disguise. I wrote Hang Loose after failing to pounce upon a great chance to change my career, but little did I know that this mistake would become the catalyst for me to take on my musical journey as a full-time artist.

Callum Gardner

Official Video

Notes About the Production

I worked as a bassist, contributing to the solid groove foundation, supporting this beautifully written and performed song.

I also recorded and produced the song, pouring my instinct and knowledge with love. I’m super proud of the work with Callum and the awesome musicians of the band, Hugh Wheatley on electric guitars and Arlen Millward on drums.

Watch a short extract of Hang Loose performed live at the Strongroom, in London.

Buy on Bandcamp or Stream on Spotify

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