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A pro musician, I graduated as a bass player in 1995. Exploiting my hybrid skills I worked as a game audio designer and a developer. I’m now a producer.

Summary (TL;DR)

A professional musician, I graduated as a bass player in the mid-Nineties. My hybrid skills allowed me to work as a lead game audio designer first, and a developer later. After gaining a degree at Berklee as a master engineer, I started a business as a producer and mixer.

Education & Certifications

Production & Mix

Photo by Silvia Maggi

In The Studio

With an extensive experience working in the studio as a player, moving to the other side was quite natural to me. During my career, I’ve built a few studios from scratch. My current one is in Cambridge (UK), from where I operate.


What I like the most about producing and mixing is the creative flow. Every song, every album is a different challenge, and getting to the point where the client is happy with the result is my favourite journey.

Mix & Master

Although I have a degree in audio mastering, I try not to master the music I mix and produce. I prefer to let professionals I trust apply their skills and a competent set of ears.


Well versed in editing, especially acoustic drums. I can efficiently work on realistic digital drum-doubling and drum replacement.

Passionate about audio restoration, I enjoy cleaning up old recordings and bring them to a precise definition.

Although I started in the analog realm, I now work entirely in the box.


Photo by Silvia Maggi

I’ve been working as a professional bassist with singer-songwriters, bands and producers, both in native Italy and my adopted country, the UK. Though I prefer the studio, I do enjoy playing live.

read and write music, therefore, I can play written parts or create and edit one based on a brief. Can play with either fingers or a pick, adapting style and sound to the requirements. I fulfil the need for a solid groove.

My specialities are in the pop, rock, singer-songwriter, funky, blues and folk genres. I own and play a 1991 Warwick Thumb Bass and a Fender Jazz fretless.

Sound Design

Game Developer Conference 2002
GDC 2002, San Jose (CA)

I spent most of the Naughties as a lead sound designer and composer, publishing for the PlayStation platform.

As a leader of Playstos Entertainment‘s in-house audio team, I also attended the Game Developer Conference in San Jose, where I became a bronze member of the Game Audio Network Guild on the day of its foundation.

2001 – Game audio production studio

I created an adaptive soundtrack and sound effects, both for full-motion footage and real-time animations. I also coordinated sound programmers, artists and composers, reporting to the project manager and the CEO.

More recently, I worked as a sound designer for a 3D cartoon series produced by Amuse Animation studios.

Do You Want a Radio-Ready Production?

Take advantage of my diverse skill set and bring your sound to a professional level.

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